Earbuds Cleaning Pen,Headphone Cleaner Kit for Airpods.


About this item

  • 🖌️【DESIGN】Separated Dual Head Design:Golener bluetooth cleaning earbuds pen is composed of Metal Pen Tip,High-density Brush and Flocking Sponge.Metal pen tip can clean the stubborn dust, thoroughly clean the gap.Delicate and soft flocking sponge can clean the dust in the wireless charging case of the earphone.Easily clean the dirt on the sound outlet hole of the earphone and other parts.
  • 🖌️【PURPOSE】Enjoy Music, Protect Your Hearing. Our cleaning tool is a pen to clean the entire set of bluetooth earplugs, from the small hole of the earplug to the charging compartment, 360-degree cleaning without dead ends, making your earplugs more durable.It allows you to enjoy high-quality music all the time.
  • 🖌️【MULTIFUNCTION】Pen-shaped design, the headphone cleaning pen is lightweight and easy to carry. It can be used anytime and anywhere. Suitable for Bluetooth earbuds, headsets, mobile phone, computer, tablet, camera and other digital products.When you go out, you can put it in your wallet, backpack, or even your clothes pocket.
  • 🖌️【MATERIAL】Friendly materials. Stainless steel nibs, Polymer plastics, Fine and Dense Fiber Brushes, and Soft Fluff. The first step is to clean the stubborn stains with the tip of the cleaning pen, and then use a fiber brush to remove dust. The fluff brush at the end of the cleaning pen is used to clean the earphone box. You only need to gently rotate it into the earphone compartment, then rotate it as appropriate. At last a deep cleanup is finished

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